48662-01 – Lecture with exercises (2 CP) / Vorlesung mit Übungen (2 KP)

Every Wednesday 10:15 - 12:00 over Zoom


No.  Date Teacher Exercises Title Code, Datasets
1 16.09.2020 Julien Atul Introduction to scripting, computing and RStudio
2 23.09.2020 Atul Julien Reading in and writing out data mice_data.csv, mice_data_missing.csv, mice_data.xls, mice_data.xlsx, melanoma_data.txt
3 30.09.2020 Charlotte Florian Basics of data.frame vehicles.txt
4 07.10.2020 Florian Charlotte More functionality of data.frame
5 14.10.2020 Julien Florian Plotting and visualizing data - base graphics I melanoma_data.txt, template .Rmd file
6 21.10.2020 Charlotte Julien Plotting and visualizing data - ggplot2 pre-lecture installation command, ggplot2 cheat sheet
7 28.10.2020 Atul Michael EXAM 1
8 04.11.2020 Michael Julien Calling and writing functions, vectorized operations
9 11.11.2020 Robert Atul Writing functions, conditional statements mice_data.csv, pointAndSpread.R
10 18.11.2020 Robert Florian For-loops, apply family of functions
11 25.11.2020 Pan Charlotte Random variables, distributions, descriptive statistics and testing melanoma_data.txt
12 02.12.2020 Michael Pan Statistical modelling, lm
13 09.12.2020 Pan Atul Statistical modelling II: Model selection melanoma_data.txt
14 16.12.2020 Florian Robert EXAM 2

This overview is also available as calendar file (ICS). For further information about the lectures, please contact the corresponding teachers.




No prior requirement for the course, except for access to R, see below. It is recommended to find a dataset of your own to train and play on something else than the course material.

R installation

It is recommended to have an up-to-date installation of R on your computer (i.e., R version >= 4.0.0, available here). Together with it, we strongly recommend to have Rstudio installed too. If you have limited rights to install softwares on your computer, please contact your ITs before the course.

If a local installation is not possible on your computer, there is the possibility to use Rstudio server, a browser-based interface to a version of R running on a remote server. Here are the different options:

For people with an existing sciCORE account:

For FMI members:

  • If not at the FMI, connect to VPN using the PulseSecure client
  • Go to http://rstudio.fmi.ch
  • Log in with your FMI username and password